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Come to Paris 6 for luxury boutiques and art galleries and to follow Ernest Hemingway’s steps. We hope that you enjoyed this Arrondissements Paris Guide and that it was helpful to plan your next trip to Paris. Sadly, parts of Paris 9 fell into seedy decline over the 20 century with the proliferation of brothels and then escort girl bars but the 21st century is giving the area a hip makeover over and is now one of the city’s coolest districts of Paris. Le numéro aurait été attribué aux quartiers du 16e arrondissement actuel si le projet a été maintenu. If you are looking for a residential arrondissement, Paris 15 is the place to go. These are not to be confused with departmental arrondissements, which subdivide the 100 French départements.The word "arrondissement", when applied to Paris, refers almost always to the municipal arrondissements listed … I love this post! It depends on what you are looking for. Paris, la capitale française est la ville la plus peuplée. There are not many top tourist sites in Paris 2 but it has beautiful architecture, covered passages, and it is home to several hidden gems ready to reward the determined traveler. 2018 à 10 :03 PST. Il s’agit d’un territoire agricole fertile emménagé dans une grande plaine. 2017 à 12 :14 PST. This map was created by a user. Coin coin ? The number of the arrondissement is indicated by the last two digits in most Parisian postal codes. ( Log Out /  If you want to stay in the 18th District of Paris for its bohemian, oh -so Parisian atmosphere, be sure your hotel or apartment is located north to Blanche, Pigalle or Anvers metro stations and you won’t be wrong. Paris 9’s position, close to the Grands Boulevards and Montmartre, could be your best location to stay in Paris to visit the city’s main sights and to enjoy a little bit of nightlife. En effet, en construisant le centre commercial « Bercy Village », des vestiges (pirogues de bois, poteries, arcs et flèches, outils en os et en pierre) ont été retrouvés et sont désormais exposés au musée Carnavalet. Paris est dérivé du nom du peuple de la Gaule Celtique, les Parisii. 2018 à 3 :09 PST. Paris is divided up into 20 arrondissements; they are what we would call “quarters,” “neighborhoods,” or “districts.” The arrondissements are organized like a snail shell and spiral outward, with number one at the very center and 20 on the outside. That said, Paris 8 has some of the best romantic places in all of Paris, from gorgeous museums to intriguing historic sites, and from jaw-dropping viewpoints to enchanting secret spots, you just need to know where to look! Was very useful to have this easy to reference guide with tourist points of interest and degree of exploring like a local. The 13th is China Town with lots of Asian food markets and restaurants. getting to know the most beautiful city on earth . Paris 3 is also home to the first Chinese community in the city so it is a good opportunity to find cheap and authentic (Asian) food on their streets. Thanks Rhonda for your comment. People normally write about tourist attractions and forget that cities are living places and organized for those who live here. Paris 6 is also home to Luxembourg Gardens, Saint Sulpice Church, beautiful architecture, and expensive art galleries which, unfortunately, replaced all those little bookshops and printers that once populated the quartier to provide the universities nearby. XIVe arrondissement (564 ha) : OBSERVATOIRE L’Université de Paris y est créée au XIIe siècle. Ve arrondissement (254) : PANTHÉON  Elle a le plus grand nombre de palaces au monde. It happened the same with Da Vinci Code and Paris Saint Sulpice /Louvre Museums. The exploration of the Arrondissements of Paris is an important part of our Paris Travel Guide. Le découpage actuel a été décrété par la loi du 16 juin 1859. Plus familial que touristique, cet arrondissement n’en reste pas moins très agréable et plein de petits trésors à découvrir. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. The construction of the French National Library in the 1980s helped put the district back on the map and the area around the building was revamped with avant-garde architecture, trendy bars along the Seine’s bank, and incredible street art. Log in as an administrator and view the Instagram Feed settings page for more details. Explore the Pletzl, the Jewish quarter in Paris located north of Place Saint-Paul, Walk along the banks of Canal Saint-Martin, Admire Guimard’s beautiful Art Nouveau Architecture (most of his works are located in Paris 16). Leur petit truc en plus ? La ville était alors découpée en 12 arrondissements. | Disclaimer | Privacy Policy | Contact | Work with Us |. Une publication partagée par Sam J (@callicles) le 7 Janv. Click here to explore Paris by Arrondissement. Paris is divided up into 20 arrondissements; they are what we would call "quarters," "neighborhoods," or "districts." Divisée en 20 arrondissements municipaux, elle a subi de nombreuses transformations entre 1850 et 1860. Its ancient streets contain a few remnants of the Roman Lutetia, medieval religious buildings, the historic core of the Sorbonne University, charming squares, and an array of living culture in the form of art house cinemas and curious bookstores. This is a perfect guide to Paris. The scale of Paris can be overwhelming, I actually find it a very compact city. World in Paris’ headquarters is located in Paris 19 and we love this Arrondissement! This name was voted by the residents of these 4 Arrondissements. La ville est traversée par la Seine, qui est utilisée comme chemin navigable dès l’Antiquité. The 8th Arrondissement of Paris is the district of fashion and luxury symbolized by the famous “Golden Triangle” formed by Rue Montaigne – Rue George V – Avenue des Champs-Élysées. Le 9e. We have been just thrice and there is still tons that we haven’t explored. Check our posts by arrondissement where we tell you where to sleep, eat, and play like a local in Paris. Thanks!! Come to Paris 8 for luxury shopping and for beautiful views from the top of Arc de Triomphe. N € – (@uneparisienne01) le 14 Janv. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Données statistiques. The “pre-arrondissement” postcard: Before the arrondissement division was enacted, Paris was just a quiet collection of “villages” and the so-called “proto-Parisians” inhabited the self-sufficient microcosms of their “quartiers”, each equipped with its own bakery, butcher’s shop, grocery, newsagent’s shop, florist, post office, school and church. Each one is known for certain landmarks, neighborhoods, things to do, and each has their own sort of culture associated with it. XVIe arrondissement (791 ha) : PASSY Error: API requests are being delayed for this account. Le cœur de Paris, avec la vie qui grouille, les gares, les bureaux, les vieux cafés et les immeubles haussmanniens. Une publication partagée par Anne Pericchi Draeger (@anne_pericchidraeger) le 8 Juin 2017 à 9 :52 PDT. Learn how to create your own. This is one city no one can ever get enough of. S’il fait complètement partie de Paris aujourd’hui, cela n’a pas toujours été le cas puisque que pendant plus de 1 000 ans, tout le quartier -désormais bourgeois et très vert- était situé en dehors des limites de la capitale. Autrefois au coeur des grandes révoltes (on retourne au XIXe siècle), il est aujourd’hui un arrondissement ultra branché et festif notamment vers la place de la Bastille, la rue Oberkampf et la rue de Lappe où plusieurs boîtes de nuit, bars et restaurants se sont implantés au fil des années. The best area to stay in Paris for sightseeing, in our opinion, it is Paris 1 and Paris 4. Ce n’est pas la seule chose qui caractérise cet endroit : deux gares importantes se trouvent également dans le coin, la gare de l’Est où des bars et restaurants branchés se sont implantés ainsi que la gare du Nord qui amène à Londres en quelques heures. 2018 à 1 :44 PST. Une publication partagée par Angie Dav (@angie_de_paris) le 14 Janv. They all tell locals and visitors alike different stories about Paris. The Arrondissements of Paris are administrative divisions. Des entreprises et des groupes spécialisés dans le marché du luxe ont des boutiques dans les quartiers les plus chics. Come to Paris 3 for its beautiful cafes and wine bars, vintage shops, private mansions, and art galleries. The Mural Program in Paris 13 invited the most renowned street artists in the world to give some color to this district of Paris. MAIN SIGHTS: Place des Vosges, Notre Dame de Paris (temporarily closed), Hôtel de Ville, BEST MUSEUMS: Centre Georges Pompidou, Victor Hugo’s house. Une publication partagée par Rémi Saumet (@remi8645) le 10 Nov. 2015 à 11 :19 PST. Located in the northeast corner of the city, Paris 20 was a few years ago the cheapest district in Paris to live, that’s why so many young Parisian couples moved to the 20th Arrondissement of Paris. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. When most people think of Paris, visions of the narrow streets and cafés of the Left Bank come to mind, and more precisely, those of the 6th Arrondissement. Paris 4, and more precisely the streets around Hôtel de Ville, is also the gay district of Paris since the 1990s and you will see many rainbow flags in this area. Une petite carte des arrondissements de Paris. Une publication partagée par bennygrin (@bennygrin) le 27 Août 2014 à 10 :40 PDT. 2017 à 4 :06 PST. Definitely a family district, very quiet, and with no big-name sites or a special charm, Paris 15 is for us too far from everything. We must admit that we are not fans of Paris 7 but we like Rue Cler, one of the most famous market streets in Paris, and the streets around Rue de Bac (Quartier Sèvres-Babylone), full of fashion shops and other beautiful stores. The Tuileries Garden Quest – A different way to explore the Tuileries Garden, Best Covered Passages of Paris Self-Guided Walking Tour, Paradis Latin Show, local’s favorite Cabaret in Paris, Hemingway’s Paris Self-Guided Walking Tour, Pastry and Chocolate Tour of Saint Germain-des-Près, Eiffel Tower District Tour with Food Tasting, Colorful Marché d’Aligre 2-hour Market Tour, Catacombs of Paris Guided Tour with access to special parts closed to the general public, Walk on the rails following La Petite Ceinture in Paris 15, Stories of Old Montmartre Walking Tour + Map, The Paris of Movies, 2.5-hour Walking Tour & Wine, Sail Canal de l’Ourcq on an elecric self-drive boat, Americans in Paris: Things to Know Before Traveling to Paris for the First Time, Upcoming Transportation Strikes in France [2020 – 2021]: Info & Best Tips. Quirky Parisian explorers with a preference for the less known sights, we are continuously looking for new ideas and tips to bring you the best of the City of Light. Parce que le vent souffle d’ouest en est et, avec l’industrialisation, les fumées vont vers l’est, donc ce sont les ouvriers qui habitent « sous » les fumées. Certaines villes sont surnommées le 21e arrondissement, comme Deauville, ville en Normandie, à 1h30 de Paris. Die Nummernabfolge beginnt auf dem rechten Seine-Ufer im Zentrum und wird spiralförmig nach außen weitergeführt. Best known for being home to Père Lachaise Cemetery, there is no shortage of things to do in Paris 20, with Asian markets, art-filled streets, trendy low-key bars, and the most charming village-like pockets, harking back to when it was outside the limits of Paris. Parisian Quartiers, like Belleville, Saint-Germain-des-Près, and many more, are historic neighborhoods while the Arrondissements of Paris exist only since the 18 century. MAIN SIGHTS: Opéra Garnier, Galeries Lafayette, Haussmannian Architecture, Follies Bergère, BEST MUSEUMS: Fragonard Perfume Museum, Musée  Grévin (wax museum). Come to Paris 9 for its life, with some great, both historic and contemporary sites. Come to Paris 1 for its monuments, elegant squares, and to enjoy the banks of the Seine. A stroll along La Coulée Verte or a glass of wine at Bercy Village are always a good excuse for heading east to Paris 12. ress_js("//"); Copyright 2016 - 2020 World in Paris. But YES, many things to do and see (and eat!). Longtemps abandonné par les parisiens, le quartier prend de plus en plus de valeur et d’habitants (14 000 de plus en 7 ans) grâce à des loyers moins chers, une qualité de vie agréable, un coin bien desservi par les transports en commun et un quartier qui reste dans son jus avec notamment la Villette et les Buttes-Chaumont. It is home to the old village of Montmartre, one of the quintessential (and most visited) areas in Paris, but there are also popular zones long forgotten by everybody. Planning your first trip to Paris can be challenging: whether you’re wondering about the best Arrondissement to stay in Paris or the best things to do in a specific district of Paris, World in Paris guides you through what to do and where to eat, sleep, drink and go out in the 20 Arrondissements of Paris. Although the 14th Arrondissement isn’t on everyone’s list of best Districts in Paris, this mostly residential area in the south of the city has some lovely attributes, especially for locals or frequent travelers. For example, The 11th is a hip neighborhood with bike shops, good coffee, and where artistic, young people want to live. Here, you’ll find a map of the arrondissements with historic monuments pictured in each one. If you are looking for gay bars in Paris or gay parties in Paris, the 4th arrondissement of Paris is the place to go. Lots of Local life and great views of the Eiffel Tower from Parc de Belleville , This is so fascinating…I never quite saw Paris as a collection of arrondissements, but for a traveler it makes so much sense to know about it and plan. BEST MUSEUMS: Cinema Museum at Cinémathèque Française, Cité Nationale de l’Histoire de l’immigration, Musée des Arts Forains, PARKS AND GARDENS: Parc Floral, the Coulée Verte, Parc de Bercy, Bois de Vincennes. Divisée en 20 arrondissements municipaux, elle a subi de nombreuses transformations entre 1850 et 1860. Ils sont assimilés statistiquement et administrativement au niveau national à des cantons, mais il n'y a pas d'élections départementales à Paris, les conseillers de Paris ayant à la fois les compétences de conseillers municipaux et de conseillers départementaux. Come to Paris 20 if you want to enjoy Paris like a local. From Monday 13 July 2020, the new name of the four arrondissements which make up the center of the city is Paris Centre. Organisé autour de l’ancienne Bourse de Paris, c’est le plus petit des arrondissements de la capitale dans lequel on retrouve des rues cultes comme la rue Montorgueil, la rue de la Paix, la rue Montmartre, la rue très vivante d’Etienne-Marcel ou encore celle d’Aboukir. In other words, Paris and this Paris Districts Guide will continue to have 20 arrondissements. Des menus gourmands et délicieux sont concoctés par des chefs cuisiniers talentueux. It sounds like the 5th Arrondissement has a pretty good balance of tourist attractions, history and culture, while still being a hub of local life. XXe arrondissement (598 ha) : MÉNILMONTANT Located in the east of Paris, the 11th Arrondissement lies between the squares Nation, Bastille, and République and occupies part of what was once the Faubourg Saint Antoine and the Faubourg du Temple. C’est le plus ancien quartier de la ville qui est à la fois un quartier universitaire (Sorbonne, oblige) et intellectuel, touristique (Panthéon, oblige), animé le soir du côté de la rue Mouffetard ou encore du boulevard Saint-Germain où des dizaines de restaurants s’enchaînent. IIIe arrondissement (117 ha) : TEMPLE Paris 19, a former industrial area developed along Canal de l’Ourcq, is today home to the trendy area of Canal de l’Ourcq – Parc de la Villette, one of the prettiest parks in Paris, Le Buttes-Chaumont, as well as a number of other secret charms. amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; Divisée en 20 arrondissements municipaux, elle a subi de nombreuses transformations entre 1850 et 1860. Residents also voted on which town hall should represent the newly united district, and the winning town hall was the 3rd arrondissement’s town hall. Paris est un escargot d’arrondissements. For once the wall of the nearby street had an outstanding artist #Oberkampf This is a great run-down of the arrondissements – merci! Located in the southwest of Paris, the 15th Arrondissement is the largest in the city and also the most populated. If this is your first time in Paris you definitely want to include Paris 1 in your Paris itinerary because many of the famous Parisian monuments and sights are located in this district. Les arrondissements ont été créés en 1795 mais la ville était plus petite. And such great timing – I think we are going to have an extended Paris layover in a few weeks so we’ll have to bookmark this as our guide on where to spend our time. Les Archives Nationales, le Conservatoire national des arts et métiers (CNAM), le Musée Picasso et le Carreau du Temple se trouvent au coeur de ce quartier aussi vivant que reposant. amzn_assoc_asins = "0789310635,3950366296,2812304650,3955042642,0847861252";

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